Note to self!




I blame you!


All mornings are bad, but some feel just like hell, kind of the worst thing you can get. And when I wake up I think it’s just a lack of sleep or the coldness you feel when you get out of your blancet. But no, now that I am all clear minded it was all my unconscience thinking of you all night long and hiding from me dreams I languish for. And this is it, when a day starts like this, what is it to expect!


My heart is gone
spirit never born
my spine not there
my breath never here.
I’m left alone
me and ego on our own
it eats me bit by bit
the air where people talk
is simply, purely bullshit.

© Agron Bajraktari

I wish!


There are people on this earth who are able to do anything for the one they love.
It’s like they don’t care who and how much they hurt!
I wish somebody like that fall in love with me!

Si s’te desha pak me shume…


Une e desha pertej vdekjes,

ashtu dashurova une.

Edhe prap s’ja fal dot vetes:

Si s’te desha pak me shume…


Pak me shume ku shpirti thyhet, 

t’i them ndarjes: Prit, ca pak…

te genjejm mallin qe s’shuhet,

kujtimin te genjejm pak.


Pertej vdekjes, pertej boterve,

atje ku nise “ca pak” tjeter,

Asaj qe me rri mes Zotave: Si s’te desha pak me teper


#Fatos Arapi